Thank you for joining us.

This program is setup to give you the best fighting chance to take your life back from addiction, from fear, from cycles of destruction and from chaos. You can have a testimony others admire but it will take a tremendous amount of bravery. This program applies a deadly combination of training, conviction of the Holy Spirit and the safety of a small group, to give you every opportunity to finally win. We are rebuilding ourselves from the seed up into men we admire. If you are done living a life in defense of the enemy and are willing to do whatever it takes, join us and take your life back!

This program is in Alpha. You are invited to join this us, and please help me figure out how to make it excellent!  Thank you. - Graeme


Gain valuable insight to dismantle the lies, gain the upper hand on your enemy and engage your God in your transformation.

Small Groups

Online, small groups meetings to practice authenticity/being known in a safe place.


With a personal coach in your corner, you can hear yourself think and make timely, critical adjustments